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As well as technology financed with public funds should be also be free and public. Free and Open Source Software is one of the many keys. No cost and Open Source Software program is one of many techniques to achieve this. Our experiences with Open Source Software over a lot more than a couple of decades have been great without exception.

I would like in order to see the same thing placed on information and every thing that science have produced via public funded colleges. Software in public areas health care has bugs which can’t be fixed because difficult free software. Open Source & Free Software will be needed for trust as well as technological improvement.

If you would like something resembling a democracy, an individual need to run it on something people could trust. The open-source communiy has given us proof of improvement of the particular IT tech and the apparent cost reducement. Please value what is developed by individuals, for the individuals, as of the people. We all also need to bring in more open source technologies in to the curriculum to much better futureproof the labour market of tomorrow. I believe in the cause I will be signing for, I think we need immediate reforms inside software production & free of charge distribution of useful application.

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Typically the code of Petities. nl (national petitioning website) is usually paid by taxpayers plus is already open. All of us shouldn’t let the personal companies restrict our protection under the law, government must be open up source. It is in the interest of citizens to have open up government software. If the particular people is paying with regard to the code, individuals should be able to go through the code and employ it. General public financed code and research has to be component of legal.


An open infrastructure provides more transparency, enforces real security (not obscurity) and it’s really prone to faster growth and improvement. If it can paid for by the people, it should be available to the folks, in their entirety, without any constraints.

Right now there is one more, extremely important, reason behind public code: SIGNIFICANTLY FASTER PROGRESS OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY. Free and Free ware trojan is the major to independance and advancement. Works produced by public money should go back to the public. I job in H2020 projects and I want to have some percentage of that will code open source as they’reºq being payed along with public taxes. I’d love to see public money invested within a public way, and not seeing how this goes to private fingers.

When laws begin to be written in lines of code, is actually our right can check if it really do what is supposed to carry out. If the masses are paying for it, the particular masses should have access to it. I believe inside the power and freedom OpenSource comes with, and We want the cash from our taxes used properly. Since with the open access for scientific research, FOSS is a step inside the direction of a new society where we are usually only limited by ourself.

Governments must simply use Free and Free ware trojan to remain sovereign from businesses and to protect their citizens. I experience that FOSS (free plus open-source software) is the particular only way to help to make true technological progress. General public money should only account public initiatives for the particular common universal good in addition to by natural extension free to all and not exclusive capture. Free & Open Source software constitutes a huge improvement for all of us. In case it is with public money then it belongs to the public.

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gerd vincenz

Free and start software allows for easier sharing of solutions in between institutions and avoids copying effort. Let the developpers in Europe contribute honestly to software, to help to make our Europe better and cheaper. As an electoral assistant, I am shocked from the carelessness of A language like german Authorities regarding the voting software.

Now i’m successful using opensource software program in each aspect of my live with exemption of gaming. It will be safer – look at linux vs windows security.

gerd vincenz

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