Greenpeace admits: BBC received it wrong about chilly sea ice melting

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MSF in addition to Greenpeace’s ‘Rainbow Warrior’ to be able to bring urgent medical help to Sumatra

dr.gerd leipold

But regarding course, nuclear power also has its long-standing opponents. Dr. Gerd Leipold has been appointed to the write-up of Executive Director within June 2001.

Would anyone really want, a country which unstable, would anyone desire that country to experience nuclear power and the possibility to have plutonium, the particular possibility eventually to develop elemental weapons? I cannot see that. Gerd Leipold is World Executive Director of Greenpeace, and he’s in Australia right now. “Between 1981 in addition to 1990 Gerd played a key role in Greenpeace Germany. During his tenure as Director and Trustee of that office, that developed from a tiny group of volunteers to typically the biggest environmental organisation within Germany – with more than 80 staff, over 400, 000 supporters and the yearly income of 25 million Euros. In 1987, Gerd also undertook the co-ordination of the Greenpeace International disarmament campaign. Top a team of thirty campaigners from 15 various Greenpeace offices, the campaign opposed sea-based nuclear guns, nuclear submarines and typically the testing of nuclear guns by all nuclear capabilities.

And especially on power efficiency, we have to do much more, that is where governments have to do much more. And again, Europe, together along with the United States, had been mostly responsible for the mess we are inside, and therefore they may have the responsibility to reduce… we certainly have the responsibility to lessen our emission. We have got the responsibility to discuss the technology. We have the responsibility to acquire by example, so that the particular whole world can tackle the climate change problem together.

Gerd Leipold, the executive director regarding Greenpeace, appears to be caught on the defensive because the BASSE CONSOMMATION interviewer asserts that the declaration is false, because the huge Greenland ice sheet (which falls in the Arctic) is unlikely to burn by 2030. This book provides an evaluation of typically the science and policy debates on climate change in addition to offers a reframing associated with the challenges they cause, as understood by key international experts and gamers in the field. It also gives a significant and original perspective on rendering, rendition, interpretation climate action and offers persuasive evidence of the weakness of arguments that framework climate policy as the win-or-lose situation.

At typically the same time, the book goes beyond providing however another description of weather change trends and policy processes. Its goal is definitely to make available, within a series of in-depth reflections and insights by key element international figures representing technology, business, finance and civil society, what is genuinely needed to link understanding to action. Different contributions convincingly show it is moment – and possible — to reframe the weather debate in a new light, perhaps as a program transformative attractor for fresh green growth, sustainable growth, and technological innovation. Reframing the Problem of Environment Change reflects a strong belief that working with weather change does not have got to be considered a zero total game, with winners and losers.

Stephen Sackur talks to Dr Gerd Leipold, the outgoing professional director of Greenpeace Worldwide, about confrontational campaigning. Today in the 15th year, the BSR Annual Conference is the largest global gathering dedicated to corporate duty. This year’s theme, “Designing a Sustainable Future, inches will present three dozen sessions on a selection of CSR issues these kinds of as climate change plus the environment, sustainable design and style, emerging economies, governance, individual rights and more.

Through 1990 to 1992 he or she lead the Greenpeace Worldwide disarmament campaign and matched greater than 50 international promotions at sea. Gerd Leipold was International Executive Director of Greenpeace until yr, a position he has kept since 2001. In this role he lead the global organisation, overseeing all its activities.

The contributors argue that our societies can certainly learn to respond in order to the challenge it presents and avoid both human suffering and large scale damage of ecosystems; and this this does not necessarily require economic sacrifice. Therefore, it is vital reading for students, academics and policy makers involved in the particular debate surrounding climate change. We have been with the Amazon. We have a huge operation in typically the Amazon for 10 many years now.

During a BASSE CONSOMMATION Hardtalk interview with Stephen Sackur, the executive director of Greenpeace, Gerd Leipold, admitted that a July news story which mentioned that “we are seeking at ice-free summers within the Arctic around 2030” was a “mistake”. International’s nuclear disarmament campaign inside 1987. Between 1993 plus 2001, Gerd Leipold was initially Director of GEM Companions Ltd, a London-based agency, where he advised a number of leading NGOs on campaign and organisational development and communication.

These are huge amounts regarding money but only a fraction of what has been committed to the particular bank bailouts. It is no longer acceptable these issues be put besides mainly because of cost. And inspire individuals to follow the continuing voyage in our ship the particular Arctic Sunrise around Greenland with a crew that includes world renowned glaciologists who will be doing groundbreaking science to learn just how much of an impact weather change is having about the region. Last few days on this program, we heard proponents of indivisible power pushing it as a response to the worldwide warming caused by coal-burning power stations.

Gerd is an In german national, who led the international environmental organization Greenpeace as Executive Director between 2001 and 2009. Dr . Gerd Leipold is aktionär of the HUMBOLDT-VIADRINA Governance Platform und Program Director from the Climate Transparency Motivation. Leipold studied physics inside Munich and Physical Oceanography at the University of Freie und hansestadt hamburg. He gained his Ph. D. at the Maximum Planck Institute for Meteorology in Hamburg. From 1982 to 1987 he was the director of Greenpeace Germany and from 1987 to 1992 he synchronised the international disarmament function of Greenpeace International.

And we consider that’s deeply unfair. Specially since we look at the world, we do so much damage to typically the environment, then we… the particular legacy we leave for our children is not a good one at the particular moment, and that’s the reason why good nuclear power is also morally not the responsible choice. Dr Gerd Leipold is the out bound executive director of Greenpeace International. Stephen Sackur puts it to him that confrontational campaigning may not end up being the best way to be able to win the argument above climate change. “We possess performed assessments by helicopter and car and are treating people who have been stuck for days with almost nothing. ” The Range Warrior will be applied as part of a logistical set-up which also includes MSF helicopters, planes and vehicles.

dr.gerd leipold
dr.gerd leipold

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