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Ingesting a contaminated dog food will cause the bacteria to spread through your dog’s bloodstream, causing some health issues, and in worse cases, death. With several companies issuing recalls regarding dog and cat food lately, it is no longer surprising to see plenty of pet owners, who are concerned about the quality and safety of the foods they serve to their beloved pets. I urge you to speak with your veterinarian about your dog’s oral health if you suspect that his breath isn’t normal. Your dog’s teeth and oral health are more important than you may realize.

a few months ago our German shephard began to vomit blood and eventually needed to be put down because her kidneys had fully quit working. The treatment is fluid therapy, dietary changes and treatment of the underlying cause of the condition; possible causes are stress, infections, fever, poisoning cardiovascular disease among others. It sounds like Hector may have renal azotemia where a buildup of waste products in the blood lead to central nervous system signs. My rottweiler dog, aged 9 years developed sudden weakness and extreme fatigue. She had an all day treatment ( 8-4:45) she had Fuilds built up on her back legs could barely walk and would not eat at all.

I would like another vet’s opinion just to make sure we are doing things correctly. We agreed not to bring her into the office for further testing for now because of her vet visit anxieties, and to use sweaters and blankets, electric heated beds, to check her temperature periodically, and to call for advice if anything changes.

Rocco & Roxie Gourmet Jerky Dog Treats

There’ll always be sweeteners in your dog snacks to make them taste better. Personally, I only give my dog snacks that contain organic ingredients. You have to be very careful with the snacks you buy because certain ingredients aren’t good for your dog.

Underlying health problems and injury are just two of the two ways that your dog can become susceptible to kidney disease. Known for its very strong and amazing taste, the Rocco & Roxie treat is a really a good product that is easy on your dog’s teeth.

Bella is a very picky eater and my mom does her best to feed her a healthy, grain free diet.. But as her big sister, it’s my responsibility to look out for her, right??

I guess he might be stage 2..Although every day is a blessing, I think we may be in a good position to keep him a little longer as a result. We were very fortunate that I noticed some tiny changes in our sweet boy and we took him into our vet, early.

  • Whether of an acute nature, or a chronic problem, kidney disease occurs for many reasons:
  • He and his Shih Tzu sister eat a home cooked diet of fresh meat a vegetable a carb and plain yogurt.
  • The flavor you choose depends entirely on what your dog likes.

Normally, she plays and plays during the day, and when dinner time arrives, she dives in head first. Mine chew on moose antlers, deer antlers and get their teeth brushed a few times a week. I give my dogs raw meaty bones daily (turkey necks, chicken backs, pork necks, etc.) and natural chews (bully sticks, pig ears, dried tracheas, etc.) for dental health.

Brought him home on Sub Fluids of 500 (half an IV bag) every other day for 14 days. His initial Blood work was Creatine 4.5mg, Bun 77mg, Bun/Crea 17 and Phos 11.3 mg. I purchase a dog recently and the breeder recently told me that she wouldn’t be able to sell the dog because during her last shots she was diagnosed positive for genetic conditions. His symptoms are excessive drinking and peeing in the house, occasional vomiting, sensitivity around the kidney area, and general slowing down.

It sounds like a great healthy recipe bit it’s a lot of ingredients to purchase if my dogs turn their noses up at them. I’m excited to try these homemade ‘greenies’ treats for my dog, Happy.

I have to admit that I didn’t make these Breath Freshening Dog Treats Homemade Grain-Free Greenies for our beloved dog, Hercules. I made these for my little sister, Bella. Helping to Make the World a Healthier Place, One Kitchen at a Time! “Bad breath in dogs and cats is caused by periodontal disease, which is an infection. Most say ‘veterinary recommended’ or ‘veterinary approved,’ but they don’t work,” says Dr. “In my 35 years as a practicing veterinarian, I’ve seen dozens of products developed that claimed to be an antidote for doggie breath.

Pepcid (famotidine): If your pet has issues with stomach acid build-up, gastric ulcers, or other stomach- or GI-related issues, many veterinarians recommend this. Dogs with certain conditions and dogs taking certain medications should not be given Imodium, so check with your veterinarian before administering it. How to administer Pepto-Bismol to Dogs: Use an empty (no needle) plastic syringe to give your dog the medication.

Note that mold tends to grow on the upper layer of the food, while producing a foul smell that a dog can’t seem to handle and tolerate. However, prior to feeding the expired food to your dog, make sure to check it thoroughly for bacteria and mold. The effect is different from humans, who will most likely not touch expired food, even if it is just a day past its expiration date, because dogs are known to have better tolerance than humans as far as digestion and food are concerned.

I am told that dry food is not a good for older dogs anyway as it’s harder on the kidneys. My naughty is telve years old an was diagnosed with third stage chronic kidney failure.

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