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I haven’t found any music I knew nothing about, but if you see kids in band t-shirts it’s Death, Cannibal Corpse, Deicide and Morbid Angel – even in churches. Plus, the first song is one of the great album-opening tracks of all time. Well, I was pretty excited for about the first 8 measures of the Black Breath record.

As for the new album, I streamed it, and it sounds great like all their stuff. Converge were pretty great here on Friday night, I have to say.

I really love their brand of retro stoner psych, and think this might be their best full-length to date. The vocals are very Baroness-ish this time out, but some of the songs are more Pink Floyd-circa-1971 than anything they’ve ever done before.

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Because my year end list only has 16 albums on it, and they’re not all metal. Other people might have thoughts about the stuff I haven’t heard. Yeah, me too, but like 18 people already spoiled the winner for me. And on the poppier end of the German goth/rock/metal spectrum, I’m also liking Eisblume’s new album Ewig. There’s some metal, and some dubstep, on the upcoming record by The Blood Of Heroes; it’ll be out 12/4 on Ohm Resistance.

Yeah keep cracking wise, one day soon they’ll drive their army of wendigo and sasquatches down here and lock us into an eternal winter of socialized medicine. Exactly, hearing that they’re focusing more on big riffs kind of misses the point of the band’s strengths, at least for me. It just doesn’t have that “lost album from 1971” vibe that The ALchemist did. Lots of people liked their two newer ones but they didn’t quite leave a mark for me. The Time Lord has some earlier version of the same songs, but JOTD is kinda definitive.

I know they’ve never been exactly a brilliant band, but their particular brand of southern fried metalcore was a guilty pleasure. At the risk of being laughed off of here am I the only one looking forward to the new Iron Maiden live DVD/CD? I’m pretty sure the guest saxophone on the third track is by John Zorn, and there are probably some guest vocalists, too, but I don’t have a press release, just a download, so I can’t be sure yet.

Only the true metal dudes can write a good power ballad and pull it off. I almost went to the show last night but didn’t want to drag myself through 40 miles of highway construction the weekend before Christmas. All the Live at Roadburn downloads have been dropped to “name your price” here: . They are really stepping up their metal coverage game in a big way.

I guess being on a metal label + taking a leasurely six years between albums are pretty effective career killers. I’m trying to tell myself that the In This Moment album will sound better if I ignore it for a few months and try it again. New Converge sounds pretty good to these ears, but they are a band that I’ve only come around to very recently, so take that as you will. To me it felt like Lacuna Coil suffered from the same thing that Muse did: they got a taste of success, and liked it, and then tried with all their might to make more music exactly like what they thought people expected from them. Also, pretty sure Within Temptation’s “In Perfect Harmony”, from Mother Earth, is the awfulest thing I’ve heard in several months, despite the fact that somewhere in there was a day when my job required me to listen to several Celine Dion and Michael Bolton karaoke tracks with enough attention to confirm which are which.

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But hey, if you want to hear someone even whinier then Dave Mustaine on a nu-metal cover of “Tornado of Souls,” here’s your chance. I’m beginning to think that Future Addict, at the very least, was never released because it consists partly of laughably terrible emo-core covers of Megadeth album tracks. Although Manson’s schtick has been tired for years, I actually found that new one to be his most tolerable in a long, long time. If you’re lucky enough to make it to the show in Charlotte, NC, this tour cross paths to combine with the Vektor trip. Almost disappointed to say that 2 Grim Family wrote to make sure I was taking their song as a joke.

Exactly, its like, this sounds pretty much not bad when I play it, but I can’t imagine ever getting the urge to do so again. But I see what you mean – sounds like they’re going back to the sound of their debut. Looks like someone convinced In This Moment that “Gun Show” is a better song than “Forever”.

I meant to ask, does Decibel send the special issue with Top 100 Death Metal albums to subscribers or no? Or Kreator if they’d spent a little more time listening to Big Country. On the very much non-girly-metal front, I’m enjoying the new Varg album, innocuously titled Guten Tag. I really appreciate the hard work you put in running the poll, but since this thing is supposed to be for the community and not something that you came up with yourself (like the 70s and 80s polls), I feel like the community does have a say in the rollout – And it seems like the community is saying that they want a smaller list.

I love the album, it’s so much more cohesive than Woods IV, which was pretty great in its own right. Yeah, that one seems to be the grind record for people who don’t normally like grind and also the people that do.

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yeah thats actually one of my least favorite Gojira covers, looks like some second tier indie band cover. i wonder what guys who listen to black label society and pantera are into. Yeah, all the metal dudes I know are firmly on the left. I’d always liked French band Celeste, but holy crap are they ever good live.

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