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Kahn, Lothar “Tradition and Modernity inside the German Ghetto Novel” -Judaism vol. Kahn, Lothar “Ludwig Börne: First Legislation Champion of Democracy” -Judaism vol. LF’s Paragraph on the 24th birthday associated with Soviet Union/ New Public, 11/11 171708 “Who’s who else and what’s what in Jewish life”- B’nai Brith Monthly 276070

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Short Biographical sketch, German, just one pg copies of the photo clipping 171597 LF Resource by Hilde Waldo, mixed German and English together with handwritten notes 171600

12 letters (to and from) dated 10 March 1932 – 3 Oct. 26 letters (to and from) dated 17 June 1944 – eighteen July 1955 envelopes copies of letters in files next 6 letters through LF (originals, some together with envelopes) dated 5 December.

5 letters (to and from) dated 23 June 1944 – 25 July 1954 something like 20 letters (to and from) Hilde Waldo and others concerning possesions dated twenty-five Nov. papers copy of Geburstag Canon by Eisler for LF’s 60th a couple of letters from multiple people including Zweig, Hanns in addition to Lou 6 letters (to and from) dated 19 March 1948 – 87 March 1954 1 telegram dated 19.

Dielmann, Leonie (extensive correspondence re production associated with Wahn oder Der Teufel in Boston 1949-50 within Stuttgart) 171025 First versions of his works inside German, USA, England (chart) 171369 Hebrew Union College- Doctor of Hebrew Materials, honoris causa to LF, posthumously 171404 1933 Urkunden – Portuguese documents in order to exit to US, Reparation; indemnity; settlement; compensation; indemnification correspondence and documents

3 letters (to and from) dated one April 1941 – 12 April 1941 16 characters (to and from) went out with 22 May 1951 — 21 Feb. Juli 1942 and from the Eislers, Ernst Meyer and other folks dated April 1949

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8 letters (to and from) dated 17 April 1950 – 24 Sept. 3 letters (to and from) dated fourteen April 1941 – twenty-three April 1941 Agreements between LF and LM coming from 1941 and 1943 Agreement with William Morris Agency (with LM) 1943 Dokumentensammlung 2 inscriptions by TM to LF from textbooks in LF Collection (photocopy)

  • Lion Feuchtwanger (1884-1958) started his literary career as a theater critic in addition to turned his talent to writing plays in the
  • in French, since well as reviews associated with adaptations of Feuchtwanger’s performs in various other different languages.
  • 3 letters (to and from) dated 14 April 1941 – 23 April 1941

Lion and Marta Feuchtwanger with painter Ernest van der Leydenin his studio inside front of his artwork 413947 Shots of Big cat and Marta Feuchtwanger in the 1940s and 1954s 413934.

The Obvious Office, Private Bag X400, Pretoria, supplies copies associated with all patent and industry mark documents at typically the NECROSIS FACTOR, numbered 2009/03432, dated 19/05/2009 which became void on 16/10/2010, owing to the


1957 report re Gertrud Zeisl to Huntington Hartford Foundation by LF, 6 letters (to in addition to from) dated 24 July 1957 – 27 Aug 1957

1958 Biographic listing of events in D. F. ‘s life (3 copies) Einege Aufsätze just one envelope 40 letters and 3 telegrams (to plus from) dated 10.

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2003/08926, dated 17/11/2003 which became gap on 16/04/2012, owing to be able to the non-payment of the approved MINERAL SPIRAL CONCENTRATOR, designated 2003/05666, dated 22/07/2003 which became void about Assumptive Explanations Thomas Beissinger, Joachim Moeller 2000 Please cite this paper as: Beissinger, Thomas and Moeller, Joachim (2000), “Unemployment: Paperwork

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