L’Eiswein A winter jewel

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Four sons and two daughters are still attending school, but they are showing lots of interest in the family’s vineyard. At events including the “Athletics Ball” or the “Bambi” award ceremony, and during after-show parties of popular Television shows, Gerd, Ralf, and Ruth Anselmann usually advertise their wines together. For 362 days of the entire year, wine lovers can sample and buy the wine at the popular wine pavilion and in the cosy sampling hut. His passion for wine and his love for details make him a competent and valuable point of contact for journalists and wine enthusiasts. He shows his commitment to voluntary work in his capacity as the federal chair of the Lions Club International.

ralf gerd anselmann

In Europe, centuries of tradition, learning from your errors determined what wine grapes grew best where, and modern regulations have enshrined those winemaking practices into law. And yet, the best German wines have a racy elegance that cannot be duplicated somewhere else. Known for its depth of color, floral aromatics and velvety texture, this easy drinking wine provides a lot of drinking pleasure. These varieties thrive in the right areas in Palatine, something Gerd Anselmann has proven again and again with his award-winning wines.

The Werner Anselmann Estate is known as one of many best-performing, family-owned vineyards in Palatine. Today the estate is managed by Gerd, Ralf and Ruth Anselmann, ably supported by their mother Inge and their two wives Britta and Isabel.The vineyards ans sales are run by aprfessional team of longstanding attachment to your wine estate.

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The country’s most widely grown grape variety, Malbec, has played a dominant role in winning worldwide acclaim for Argentina‘s wines. From CellarTracker: Argentina has been making wine since the 1500s, tracing its wine heritage back again to Spain, France and, perhaps surprisingly, Italy. Until the end of the 20th century, virtually all Argentine wine was made for domestic consumption. Argentina From wine-searcher.com: Argentina is probably the world’s biggest wine-producing countries by volume. Your wine is aged in American oak for 3 years and kept in bottle for an additional two before release. Arboleda (Aconcagua Valley, Chile) From wine.com: Arboleda wines were born in 1999 as part of the shared dream that inspired Robert Mondavi and Eduardo Chadwick to understand the potential of Chile as a world class producer of fine wines.

Thanks to this expansion the Anselmann estate is listed to be amongst the largest and best-equipped private wine estates in Germany. In 1998 and following her studies of business management at the University of Mannheim Ruth Anselmann joins the family team.

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Vegan Recipes and Vegan Wine Pairing Ideas for Veganuary and Beyond In 2003 the European Press Ball was given wines in addition to the German Television Awards Ceremony.

Whether being an intimate twosome or in several friends, you can why don’t we spoil you with home-made cakes, palatinate cuisine, tapas and our fine Anselmann wines and sparkling wines. In the autumn it is possible to also purchase apples, freshly cut table grapes, new wine and onion tart. Locals and friends of wine from around the globe can meet here to drink a typical Pfälzer Schoppen or perhaps a glass of sparkling wine together.

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Karl Kamps (Sporthilfe Rheinland-Pfalz), Ralf Anselmann, Wine Queen of Palatinate Julia Becker, Soccer World Champion Ursula Holl and Gerd Anselmann Loading of your wine for the “German House” in Peking 2008

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Following a long planning period and almost one year of construction work, the estate is proud to present a new grape collection station, a fresh grape-pressing barn and seperate facilities for the bottling line. The official opeing of the 2003 German grape harvest takes place on august 15th 2003 at the winery, accompanied by 11 television camera teams all wanting to record the first harvest day of exactly what will turn out to be a magnificent vintage year.

ralf gerd anselmann

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