Nutrition Chapter 11: Eating Disorders Flashcards

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Peptic ulcer disease is caused by the excessive secretion regarding hydrochloric acid (HCl). Issues for example coffee, alcohol, and tobacco may result inside gastritis. It is crucial not to be able to treat abdominal pain along with an analgesic until research online for the underlying trigger has been conducted. Because the treatment of abdominal pain with an analgesic may postpone discovery of a serious condition, it is crucial not to give medications until a search offers been made for the _________ of the pain.

laxativesExplanation: Purgatives are drugs that promote defecation.

They block the final step associated with acid production and are usually used in active ulcer disease. Polyps are little outgrowths on the inside of the large gut, most often in the rectum or sigmoid digestive tract. In diverticulosis multiple pouches (diverticula) develop in the particular walls of the big intestine.

high stomach acidity quizlet psychology chapter 11

It can substantially reduce the dose of the primary anesthetic by as much as 50% or more. Atropine can alter bronchial secretions, yet the effect would be to reduce them, not really increase them. Anticholinergic medicines, such as atropine (Sal-Tropine), may be given to reduce the risk of bradycardia during surgery.

enzymesExplanation: Glands on the teeth and lining of the stomach, and typically the accessory organs all secrete enzymes, which are chemical substances that aid digestion.

The particular nurse will contact the provider to discuss _____ the _____ dose. The part effects of digoxin are certainly not increased by concurrent sa colchicine.

high stomach acidity quizlet psychology chapter 11

Inform the particular patient that the historical past indicates that cirrhosis is likely to occur. Explain to the patient that no amount of alcohol is regarded safe during pregnancy. Reassure the patient the danger is likely to be minimal. Ask the individual how much alcohol the lady consumed, and at which stage of her pregnancy. Chronic alcohol abuse provides a significant effect on the heart and also influences the liver.

Giving smaller dosages does not prevent this specific effect with long-term remedy. To allow the adrenals to recover, the hydrocortisone dose should be administered before 9: 00 AM. Interruption in the inflammatory method causes some of the adverse outcomes. When taken in pharmacologic doses, as for inflamed disorders, glucocorticoids can trigger an array of serious adverse effects. Decreasing attacks of relapse, minimizing desires, and reducing drug use are steps toward reaching eventual abstinence.

The liver is within the right upper particular of the abdomen. Auscultation is performed before choc and palpation because choc and palpation can increase peristalsis, which would provide a false interpretation of bowel sounds. This method avoids pain plus the producing muscle rigidity that will hidden deep palpation later in the examination. A liver span of 11 centimeter is within normal limits just for this individual. A liver organ span of 10. 5 cm is the lead to for males and 7 cm for women.

Explanation: Intestinal, digestive, gastrointestinal juice is made upward of gastric acid and intestinal enzymes. When a person swallows, the food passes into the __________________, the part of the GI system that extends from the pharynx to the belly. Explanation: When the abdomen is irritated, peristalsis may possibly take place in the reverse direction, and vomiting might result.

A good adjuvant analgesic medication will probably be used to be able to help with this pain. Give 2 mg regarding morphine for pain to avoid increasing this patient’s level of confusion. MAOIs increase 5-HT availability, hence greatly increasing the danger of serotonin syndrome. Cease the drug while staying alert for the come back of symptoms.

The drug is not really safe in this era group when given by mouth. It is not secure to give the drug and next monitor for bronchoconstriction. with renal impairment, this medication should be taken every other day. Low-dose ketorolac would not be applied, because 5 times might have passed. Patients dismissed home will be directed to use other NSAIDs for pain.

high stomach acidity quizlet psychology chapter 11

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