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“American Propaganda, Swedish Work, and the Swedish Push in the Cold Battle: The United States Details Agency (USIA) and Co-Production of U. S. Global Journal of Intelligence in addition to CounterIntelligence 8, no. two (Summer: 179-201. International Record of Intelligence and CounterIntelligence 4, no . 4 (Winter: 487-505.

“From War Junk to Educational Exchange: The World Conflict II Origins of the Fulbright Program as well as the Fundamentals of American Cultural Globalism, 1945-1950”. “The Myth from the ‘Addicted Army’: Drug Use in Vietnam in Historical Perspective”. “Homeward Bound: Shortwave Broadcasting and American Mass Mass media in East Asia on the Eve of typically the Pacific War”. “‘P. T.: You Had Better Remove the Records’: Early Federal government Archives as well as the Burning regarding Washington during the War regarding 1812”. “A War regarding Words: Allied Captivity plus Swiss Neutrality in typically the Pacific, 1941-1945”.

“Banking on Development: South america in the United States’s Search for Strategic Minerals, 1945-1953”. “The ‘Cat’s Paw’: Canada and the United Nations Temporary Commission on Korea”. “The Drift toward Neutrality: Egyptian Foreign Policy during the Early Nasserist era, 1952-55”.

“Beyond No Firearm Ri: Refugees and the particular United States Military in the Korean War”. “Taking off the Cold War Lens: Visions of North-South Conflict through the Algerian War for Independence”. “The United States, CONSUSTANCIAL, and the Soviet Threat to Western Europe: Military Estimations and Policy Options, 1945-1963”. “Prelude to War: Nippon, america, and the Plane Carrier, 1919-1945”.

“From Concept to National Plan: Strategic Reconnaissance in typically the Cold War”. Australian Journal of Politics and Historical past 24, no. 3 (December: 332-345. “The Gold Battles in the Cold War: United states Monetary Policy and typically the Defense of Europe, 1960-1963”. Register in the Kentucky Historical Society 114, no. three to four (Summer-Autumn: 431-460. Montana: Typically the Magazine of Western Background 37, number 1 (Winter: 34-47.

“Intimate Relationships: Secret Extramarital relationships of Church and State in the United Says and Liberia, 1925-1947”. “Cuba, the United States, as well as the Sugar Act of 1948: The Failure of Economic Coercion”. “Ginastera’s Bomarzo in america and the Impotence of the Pan-American Dream”. “Reading and Warning typically the Likely Enemy: China’s Signals to the United Claims about Vietnam in 1965”.

“VOUS : Voice of the Usa States: Armed Forces Radio Services in Newfoundland”. “Petroleum Issues: The United States, Argentine Nationalism, and the 1963 Oil Crisis”. “Higher Education Would go to War: The University or college of Virginia’s Response to World War II”. “Splendid Isolation: Argentina, the United States, and the San Martin Monument in Buenos aires, 1921-1925”.

“‘The Best Morale Factor Next to the Red Army’: Textbooks and Libraries in U . s . and British Prisoners of War Camps in Philippines during World War II”. “American-Iranian Alliances: International Education, Modernization, and Human Privileges during the Pahlavi Era”. “‘One of our Best Psychological Assets’: The New Frontier, Cold-War Public Diplomacy, and Robert Kennedy’s 1962 Goodwill Tour”. “A Afeitado in Beijing, December 1946: GIs, Nationalist Protest, and U. S. “From Reparticion to Partition: A Historical past of the Mora Terrain Grant, 1835-1916”.

“The Civil Battle Blockade Running Adventures in the Lousiana Schooner William L. “Nineteenth Century Pan-Africanists: Steve Henry Smyth, United Says Minister to Liberia, 1878-1885”. “United States’ ‘Big Stick’ Diplomacy: The Netherlands in between Decolonization and Alignment, 1945-1949”.

“Cold Battle underneath the Ice: The Army’s Bid for a Long-Range Nuclear Role, 1959-1963″. “Massacre at No Gun Ri?: American Military Policy towards Civilian Refugees during the Korean War”. “Grand Strategy, Strength Politics, and China’s Plan toward the United Says inside the 1960s”. “The U . s . States, Algeria, and the particular Fall of the Next French Republic”. Virginia Publication of History and Biography 100, no. 3 (July: 399-428.

This book constitutes typically the refereed proceedings of typically the 4th International Conference upon Logic Programming and Nonmonotonic Reasoning, LPNMR ’97, placed in Dagstuhl Castle, Australia, in July 1997. This specific work is licensed beneath a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3. 0 United States License. In conclusion, this volume is not for beginners seeking an introduction to Ukrainian tradition and its relations to a variety of historic Europes from the early on modern period to today.

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